Cult of the Lamb will receive a major update next year

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“Cult of the Lamb” is one of the most successful small projects of recent years. The little lamb, fighting for the interests of his cult, impressed players with both gameplay and sales, which were not at all small. As a result, the studio quickly began producing additional content, which was distributed to the community completely free of charge. If you are one of the fans of this work, then you can rejoice. We are working on further expansion. The Sins of the Flesh update should arrive on all platforms sometime next year. It has new challenges and storyline to bring to the game world, so without a doubt we can look forward to a new range of enemies appearing before us.

Cult of the Lamb will receive a major update next year, Cult of the Lamb 2.

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The studio behind Cult of the Lamb seems to be working very hard on a future update, so it’s likely that the update Sins of the flesh you won’t have to wait long. However, the exact release date is still unclear.

Source :Indian TV

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