The action of HASTE: Broken Worlds will have you racing at a deadly pace.

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HASTE: Broken Worlds is a fast-paced event where you race against time. The entire space around you is collapsing, and you have no choice but to run as fast as you can towards the portal that should lead you to safety. This is where you want to try to get the most out of your protagonist, because if you slow down, most of the time your run will end in death from the ever-present lava-spewing vents, lasers, or countless other elements. In order for your character to reach the end, you will have to maximize his potential and avoid obstacles. Replay value should be high, since the levels, according to the creators, are procedurally generated.

The action of HASTE: Broken Worlds will throw you into the deadly pace of HASTE Broken Worlds 2.

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HASTE: Broken Worlds is currently out on PC. The creators have not yet indicated the exact release date of this game.

Source :Indian TV

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