Kaiserpunk strategy builder takes place in a world where World War I has not yet ended – INDIAN

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The authors of the survival strategy Patron Construction with an emphasis on social simulation and building a city on the ocean floor in Aquatico came up with another interesting thing. Overseer studio creates a mixture of grand strategy and city building. Kaiserpunk The action takes place in a world where the First World Wolf has not yet ended.

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War and construction are equally important here. Building industrial cities will decide whether you have enough economic power to win the war. Everything will take place in an alternative history of the early 20th century. You’ll build cities, manage resources and production chains, manage the daily lives of your citizens, and much more to maintain morale and expand..

“The game focuses on production management and logistics. It will be a challenge to build and govern a city-state while expanding its influence on a dynamic and ever-changing global map.” the authors say. They note that when building a city and solving problems you shouldn’t forget what’s happening in the world. It is equally important to negotiate and trade with others. And when diplomacy fails, brute force comes into play. You have to conquer more than 100 regions and 100 different resources that you can mine, grow, improve and create.

Kaiserpunk will be released on PC next year.

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Source :Indian TV

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