Star Wars: KOTOR Remake Still in Development Despite Rumors – INDIA

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Embracer Group CEO on the status of the remake Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic he refuses to say that he continues to fuel rumors of its cancellation. Even Jason Schreier isn’t entirely sure about this condition. A Bloomberg reporter recently spoke with two people from the Saber Interactive studio. They confirmed to him that they were still working on the project.

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“I can’t say if a Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake will ever come out, but yes, two people from Saber Interactive told me that they are still working on it, despite some rumors that it is in the works no one is working. the game is bigger” He wrote Schreyer.

His colleague Jeff Grubb recently said that the title had been quietly abandoned. The question is in what condition it will be released if it ever sees the light of day. Development had previously been problematic, so Saber took it over from Aspyr. They say Sony abandoned it and without a strong partner, an expensive remake is impossible. Not at a time when Embracer Group is saving money.

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Source :Indian TV

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