Desert Adventure in My Time at Sandrock – INDIAN

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My time in Sandrock is a sequel to My Time at Portia. Fortunately, to understand what the game is about, you don’t have to play the previous part. It’s about sandbox adventure role-playing game, set in a post-apocalyptic world. Three hundred years after the Day of Calamity, when most modern technology was destroyed. Your character is heading to Sandrock, thank you. newly acquired title of builderso that together with another lovely lady Mi-An she replaced old builder Mason, who wants to leave the city and hand over the reins to the younger generation. Your task improve the surrounding area and help local residents with their troubles accompanying them daily.

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Sandrok is a small town, it used to be an oasis and his fame was known throughout the world. But due to industrialization, the oasis began to disappear and now there is only a very small lake of the original greenery, too small to supply all the inhabitants. Sandrok is like that depends on water imports from other citiesand therefore it is not surprising that the main motto of the residents is “Save water”. And also keep an eye on sandstorm. The desert city is definitely my thing. interesting atmosphere and directly encourages landing elements of ecologywhat the game also talks about in small hints, especially within recycling and because of difficult to access resources on ridges covered with sand dunes.

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