SEGA Reveals Sonic Dream Team’s Intro Animation

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Sonic Team showed an introductory animation Sonic Dream Team – An upcoming 3D platformer from Sonic the Hedgehog, released exclusively for Apple Arcade.

The opening animation shows Sonic and his friends fighting against Dr. Eggman in an epic battle. The animation is directed by Tyson Hesse, the animation is by Powerhouse Animation, and the music is composed by Ty Lopez. To get an idea of ​​the story action and characters players can expect when the game releases on December 5, 2023, check them out below:

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IN Sonic Dream TeamDr. Eggman, in his quest for world domination, resorts to the usual tricks and discovers an ancient device – the Reverie – capable of turning dreams into reality. Join Sonic and his friends as they delve into the bizarre world of Dr. Eggman’s dreams and try to stop them from coming true!

To stay up to date with Sonic the Hedgehog™ news, follow Sonic on Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok, like him on Facebook, and subscribe to his Twitch and YouTube channel.

For more information, visit the official website.

Source : Married Games

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