The patch adds DLSS and improves Starfield, which has received mixed reviews – INDIAN

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For PC and Xbox Series X/S versions Star field a new update has been released. It adds long-awaited DLSS support to the PC version, while improving the game across all platforms by fixing bugs and making the game more enjoyable.

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Technologies DLSS super resolution, Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing (DLAA), Nvidia Reflex Low Latency and Nvidia DLSS frame generation have been tested for a long time. The tests seem to have been successful, and owners of GeForce graphics cards will finally be able to enjoy these amenities not only on Steam, where it was tested, but also on the Microsoft Store (including a version for PC Game Pass).

They are also part of the 1.8.86 update. brightness and contrast sliders. You can set HDR on supported screens. In addition, the developers from Bethesda Game Studios have improved the performance, graphics and gameplay of the game. Various issues fixed.

Another thing that players are happy with is the ability to drink and eatwhich you can find in the world without clicking on the inventory.

Recent user reviews on Steam are negative and Starfield has mixed reviews on Steam. Almost 6,000 reviews have been written in the last 30 days. Of these, only 48% are positive. According to fans Starfield lacks the magic of Bethesda games.

“Never in my life would it occur to me to give a negative review of a Bethesda game. The magic of their games is that they make you feel big in a big world. Here you feel small in a small world that only plays with the big one. The magical feeling of being able to go anywhere, be anyone, do whatever you want, pick any side… is gone.” — one disgruntled Steam player wrote in user reviews.

A Bethesda representative responded and advised him to create a new character with different characteristics. This should make him feel like he is playing a completely different game. They also claim that Starfield is very vast and after hundreds of hours of play there will always be something new to discover. But players are still annoyed by the numerous loading screens.

Bethesda intends to continue working on StarfieldTodd Howard told Wired that most of the studio is still working on Starfield. There are 450 members in total at Bethesda Game Studios, and about 250 of them are still focused on Starfield. Most of the rest are believed to be under development. Elder Scrolls 6. So in the future we can expect not only the previously promised modification tools, but also other fixes and improvements. Regardless of Shattered Space story expansion.

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