After all, the weather in Grand Theft Auto 6 shouldn’t be so extreme – INDIAN

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So it looks like we can brush one old assumption off the table and throw it in the trash. Some time ago it was written that Grand theft auto 6 boasts an advanced weather system. But, as it turned out, Rockstar Games should have abandoned this plan during development.

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Initially, the developers were supposed to add to the game the most extreme weather conditions in the form of hurricanes and tornadoes. It was supposed to be a weather system that had never been seen in any other game before. Ultimately, however, this will not happen, he writes. Rock Star Universe on X. They may be the reason technical limitations, where everything in the open world would have to respond to hurricanes and tornadoes. Creating this is not easy and is generally difficult.

It’s no coincidence that the open world of GTA 5 was inspired by Los Angeles. The Californian city is perfect for its constant sunshine. Easy to draw. Judging by the leaked gameplay footage and various details, GTA 6 should take place in a familiar Vice City. This inspired by Miami, Florida. This area is known for hurricanes and tornadoes, so it’s no surprise that Rockstar tried to offer something similar in the game.

One more thing here. Rockstar has updated its official website. I changed the layout, changed the logo… It looks like preparations have begun for the announcement of the game. Previously, the company promised to present Grand Theft Auto 6 in early December/December.

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Source :Indian TV

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