In the role-playing game Vranygrai we visit the Great Moravian Empire – INDIAN.

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A year has passed since Prague studio Dire Badger presented an interesting adventure story with RPG elements, set in… Great Moravian Empire. Now Vranigray it recalls in detail what has changed in twelve months.

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Since its announcement, the historical fantasy action-adventure game has undergone many technical and graphical changes. Ivan Kubal took a step back and some technical and graphical aspects have been reworkedto create a stronger foundation for project growth. In addition, since September of this year he has devoted himself entirely to working at Vranigray and expanded the team. Currently, it employs screenwriter Mikaela Štalova, 3D model creator Maria Benesovska and Kristina Nemcova, who is responsible for social networks. Jan Balkar also remains on the team, who is currently finalizing three new lineups for the game. Another important part of the project will be find a publisher.

trailer from a year ago
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Source :Indian TV

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