World of Tanks changes gameplay with random events – INDIAN

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Team World of Tanks he manages to surprise his players even after all these years. They will be added to the free multiplayer tank game. random events. This is a series of dynamic events that Wargaming believes represent an important milestone in the development of gaming battlefields.

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“Random events are a series of dynamic actions that occur with their own probability in certain areas of four maps: Himmelsdorf, Ruinberg, Prokhorovka and Safe Harbor. Red smoke will indicate the event area, and a warning will be displayed to the player when approaching or crossing its border. Tankers should exercise caution in the event area as their vehicles may be destroyed by falling large debris.” written in the press release.

Every random event has significantly change the map’s relief and offer players new tactical options. They will open up new routes for vehicles, create new shelters and unique firing positions.

“Players will not only experience a richer, more dynamic gameplay experience that will keep them on their toes, but it will also visually enhance the gameplay experience and draw them further into the story.” confident in Wargaming.

The types of events on each map are different:

In the Shelter map, a plane crashes into the roof of a bunker, causing its structure to collapse and creating additional cover between the bunker and the port.

On the Himmelsdorf map, an airstrike hit a locomotive leaving the station. Scattered train cars here will provide good cover. Also, the falling airship will change the scenery in the central square and on the tank strip, creating a descent from the hill to the positions of heavy tanks.

On the Prokhorovka map, planes crash into an alley, burning part of the bushes and creating a new shelter.

The Ruinberg map is under attack from the air. As a result, the city will have another passage through the central blocks, forming a new direction of attack.

Random events in World of Tanks will appear after the release of update 1.23.

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Source :Indian TV

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