Duke Nukem returns… to the pinball table – INDIAN

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Previously, if you wanted to play real pinball on your computer, for many years you just had to find the Space Cadet table in Windows, which originates from the game. Full tilt! Pinball, which used to be included in several versions of the operating system from Microsoft. Today there are several more easily available options and one of them is Free Pinball Empire Zen Studioswhich is best known for the Pinball FX series.

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Studio Zen is currently preparing an adult/horror spin-off. Pinball M. When the project was announced a month ago, it beckoned with DLC with a table inspired by the successful survival horror game Dead by Daylight. However, the announcement was made in relative silence. However, during the Realms Deep 2023 weekend event We reveal an addition that may generate enough interest in Pinball M. Among the DLC available will be an expansion called Duke Nukem: Big Shot Pinball.

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Source :Indian TV

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