Comic book noir shooter Fallen Aces looks phenomenal – INDIAN

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The Realms Deep 2023 weekend event, which focused on presenting a variety of predominantly retro games, was also used by independent publisher New Blood Interactive. He offered us above all else 9 minutes of gameplay footage of the noir shooter Fallen Aces, which is being developed by developers Trey Powell and Jason Bond. And it seems that both gentlemen are about to something that could please not only fans of comics and noir detectives.

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Although the demo has been available on Steam for a long time, we dare say that it’s only now that Fallen Aces is shown in its best light. The shots are tempting a project more reminiscent of an immersive simulator like Deus Ex than a regular first-person shooter. During the game you can throw various objects and living pests at walls and enemies, you often have a choice of several options to continue or solve the problem, and there are meanness, bloody fights or traditional shootouts. With their help, you will once again be able to use a number of items that can be found in the game environment. For example, an ordinary frying pan can be used as a shield from enemy fire.

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Source :Indian TV

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