Microsoft is preparing an Xbox Series X without a drive. It has a completely different design and a new controller – INDIAN

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New information from leaked documents FTC vs. Microsoft. Much of the information revolves around previously published information, but there are a few new items.

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This is stated in the documents Xbox Series X without Blu-ray drive. But Microsoft has no plans to simply remove the drive from the current model. Instead of Project Brooklyn will have a completely different design, internal SSD with a capacity of 2 TB (compared to 1 TB) a new xbox controller.

The new Xbox Series X will also offer faster Wi-Fi (support WiFi 6E), a 15% reduction in resource consumption, new low-power modes (will reduce consumption by 20% compared to the existing one), and Bluetooth 5.1 for better use of accessories. On the design we can also notice a front USB-C port, for example to power the new controller.

Microsoft describes the new driver as more exciting and has given it a code name. Sebilla. It boasts an accelerometer to support the gyroscope. As you can see, it has a dual-tone color scheme and supports direct cloud connectivity. Microsoft also states precise haptic feedback. So, tactile vibrations. Plus, quieter buttons and levers, a rechargeable and replaceable battery, modular levers, and the ability to wake up the controller by simply lifting it up.

The console should be released in 2024, probably in November, based on the price. $499. The document does not mention a more powerful version of the console at all. After all, even Microsoft representatives previously stated that the Xbox Series S is a new generation console, and the Xbox Series X is a more powerful version. If Sony is really going to PlayStation 5 ProAs has long been speculated, the Japanese corporation might have a head start.

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Source :Indian TV

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