Story-driven adventure game Fort Solis received Czech localization

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Developers from the Anglo-Polish team Fallen Leaf released a story-driven adventure called Fort Solis at the end of August. The game attracted attention primarily for its setting and graphics. Fort Solis won our review 8/10 grade and the following verdict:

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“One of the scientific bases on Mars has mysteriously fallen silent. Cut off from the others by a storm, she goes to investigate Jack, who is in for a very unpleasant surprise. The atmospheric and dark sci-fi drama is modest in gameplay but reminiscent of films like Inferno and Luna, all supported by a top-notch set and a stellar cast.”

If you were interested in the theme of the title and were thinking about buying it, then perhaps it will please you. recently released fan Czech for the PC version. Behind the localization is a famous translator with the nickname Mayki, who published the finished translation on the website You can watch a 9-minute gameplay demo below.

Source :Indian TV

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