Bethesda games revealed. There will be a new Doom, remasters and Dishonored 3 – INDIAN

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We continue to leak documents from the Microsoft vs. US Federal Trade Commission. Following the release of the new Xbox Series X with a completely different design and a new controller (here), we’ll focus on the games it has. Bethesda Softworks.

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Bethesda’s internal studios are working on interesting games. The documents reveal them, but we certainly won’t take seriously what financial year they are for because it doesn’t add up. We do not know exactly when this document was written. However, Starfield’s FY21 dating suggests that this is an earlier date.

The documents state, among other things, Remaster of The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivionthree expansions for The Elder Scrolls Online, the first expansion for Starfield, new Doom subtitled Year Zero with two DLCs (one the year of release, the other a year later), two secret projects called Kestrel (expanded a year later) and Patinum, The Elder Scrolls VI, Fallout 3 remaster, sequel to Ghostwire: Tokyo, Dishonored 3 and some game with an unspecified license, next to Indiana Jones.

Interestingly, Starfield was originally supposed to be released by March 2022, and Indiana Jones by March 2023. The space RPG has been pushed back to September this year, but in our opinion, it’s unlikely that Indy will be released before March 2024. If only because it is halfway through development. So we expect this by March 2025.

Bethesda also develops various free-to-play/mobile games.

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Source :Indian TV

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