Elden Ring is now playable in first person.

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RPG Elden Ring from From Software not so long ago celebrated a year since the release. However, from time to time the game will be updated with interesting official or unofficial content. For example, a few days ago, the developers themselves added ray tracing to the game. In addition, a major expansion has been planned for a long time, subtitled Shadow of the Erdtree.

But Elden Ring has also become a grateful target for the PC modding community. It deserves attention newly released mod, allowing you to play the game entirely in first person. Its author tried to make the game playable even when using this camera without any problems, so he added, for example, a scope, aiming assistance or attack indicators. At the very least, judging by the gameplay video attached above, the result looks surprisingly usable.

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You can download a modification called First Person Souls for free on the nexusmods website.

Source :Indian TV

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