Redfall may be “slow”, but that’s just the way Arkane likes it.

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It’s no secret that Arkane Studios specializes in slow, methodical storytelling. what we will see in the new vampire FPS game, Redfall. Some players may be put off by the rich, endless storytelling, but Arkane Austin producer Harvey Smith likes the slow, measured approach to the team’s action.

When I asked Smith about Starfield, the elephant in the room when it comes to Bethesda’s slate for 2023, one of the main things he thinks sets the two games apart (besides the obvious in space, the other with vampires ) is Arkane’s methodological approach to action.

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“You know, I recently played Forza Horizon 5 on Game Pass,” he tells me, raising an eyebrow slightly in embarrassment—imagine Nintendog when you said random words to him. We talk about Starfield, where is Forza?

“I’ve never played a Forza game before and this giant plane is flying over Mexico and they’re dropping cars from behind. I’m sitting there, the whole house buzzing with the sound design, it’s so cool, and I turned it on, and I’m driving these cars like they’re falling out of the plane like “this shit.” * the king is crazy! – and this is the first three minutes Games”.

“[As I was playing] I thought about our games and they begin very slowhe told PCGamesN with a smile. “The dishonor starts and you’re in jail and they bring you a piece of bread, and you sit there and say, ‘What the hell are you doing?’, there are rats and guys calling me names. Then he eats bread, and there is a note.

“It’s a slow start and different people like different games,” he continues. “We tend to attract thoughtful, introspective, player-focused human explorers who want a rich narrative that they need to bring to light. lots of people playing [Redfall] completely, like a friend who comes in and plays for about 20 hours, they’ll say something like “it took me a while to realize there’s a deep story being told here, but you’re not putting it on me all the time.” ; I must conclude.

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“We’re covered,” he laughs, and his positivity is contagious. As someone who prefers slower story games (Dragon Age, Plague Tale, etc.), Redfall, while action-packed, has a story that I want to explore. Here’s a plot, a failed experiment that cost so many lives: As I said in my Redfall gameplay preview, Arkane paints you like a bloody carrot on a sharpened stake, leaving you hungry for more. .

Redfall’s release date is set for May 2, so if you’re intrigued by Arkane’s new adventure, be sure to prepare for Armageddon by flexing your demon muscles in one of the best vampire games around. After all, practice makes perfect.

Source : PC Gamesn

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