Diablo IV is seriously better than we expected!

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As well as a bunch of other players eager to continue the famous Devil, we also got into the closed beta, which was available for pre-order this weekend. As part of priority access, we were able to dive into the beginning of a new history of the world Sanctuary. And although everything was not without complications, because. waiting 2 hours in the login queue, otherwise it was a solid demo that tried the first three hero classes and the first act of a campaign that takes place decades after the end of Diablo Disc 3. Soul Reaper.

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When the gates of heaven closed and despair gripped the world, as the intro video suggests, she was resurrected in this world. lilith, dangerous daughter of Mephisto. New dangers lie in wait for heroes who fearlessly rush towards danger as a barbarian, necromancer, sorcerer, rogun and druid. We tried all three classes available for beta testingi.e. barbarian, rogun and wizard.

The visual modification of heroes offers quite interesting options for cosmetic modifications. The classic choice of gender is accompanied by the color of the skin, hair or beard, or various tattoos. All reflects then in the game itself, however, most of the time you will still be wearing armor that covers these accessories. Depending on the complexity of the world, you can decide if you are ready to take on the challenge. newbie, or veteran. The second option offers more difficult fights in exchange for faster experience gain, more gold, or rewards in general. He survived from previous parts.

What surprised us was the slow start. The hero’s slow ride on horseback, who is soon killed, reminds us of the ubiquitous spawn of evil. The dark environment gives a clear signal that Blizzard trying to bring the atmosphere closer to the first and second parts of the series.

Snowy and mountainous The landscape of the Invoiced Peaks offers an open world view and at the same time the first place you will experience in the fourth Diablo. More than ever before, the world is open to action: whether it’s pre-designed paths, procedurally generated dungeons, or side quests, you won’t be disappointed with the styling and atmosphere. call. The intensity of raids by hordes of enemies is gradually increasing, and even in the beta version, collaboration of up to four players at the same time was offered. It is logical that you yourself will also enjoy the game. Like Diablo Immortal, Part 4 takes place in a shared online world, so you’ll meet other players in cities to talk to or ask for help. AND surprised me that a complete stranger had joined me and helped me defeat a difficult boss.

For the kill enemies and by completing tasks you will, as always, gain experience, each level is accompanied by skill points that can be applied in a large skill tree. The execution is closer to the second part of the series, because you improve skills not with runes, but by improving this skill. Visually is a tree branched into layers, in which you first choose a basic attack, and then more complex attacks. Since I played as a rogun, the choice was between attacking with a dagger or a bow, which I chose. daggers. Additional parts will be unlocked for you gradually after you get a higher level. You can only have six skills active at a time. So the new tree is definitely more interesting and more fun because it offers certain combinations for finding style. every player.

One of the most important elements of every Diablo is loot, the hunt for the best gear is still as addictive as it was in previous installments. And still the same blunt at its core. So gamers looking for a passionate RPG have no choice but to accept the fact that, at its core, Diablo is all about ability crashing and tracking. fantastic vaudeville particles on the screen. So, if you don’t like games based on looping gameplay, you can’t avoid the repetitive combat in Diablo. Better, however, seems fascinating storywhich in the first act presents us with rather “boring” characters, but their staging and processing are still a valuable continuation.

However, we do have reservations. For example, to camera, which is unusually close for our taste. And in some situations, the battlefield seemed less clear-cut than we remember from the past. We were running the game in full detail at 1440p at 160fps, but we were having issues with the server. recessions frames in the city when several players were in the same place, or during fights when the number of frames fell out, causing a significant image break.

In Beta of course we forgive technical shortcomings in optimization. But if there’s anything to worry about, it’s that the game can’t handle some scenes even on very powerful settings. Even with graphics detail set to medium had tried Fiola on RTX 4080 and 4K resolution.

Where optimization was significantly better was console version, the suitably tested Terka PlayStation 5 offers excellent frame rates and, with the exception of a few crashes in cities, had the fewest issues throughout the game. Which gives us at least some hope that Fr.optimization The PC version has more to do with fine tuning parts for different configurations than a poor state of technology.

If we return to what was good, then it is certainly pleasant. inventory – each item, whether it be a gem or armor, takes only one place in the inventory. Simplified space management makes dungeon crawling more enjoyable than lengthy inventory rearrangement to carry as much as possible. He just fell overuse teleport to town to sell things – in short, better warehouse management comes in handy in dungeons. Clearing certain dungeons unlocks Ascension for a certain class of heroes, plus a huge amount of enemies in the dungeons with even more rewards. mining.

It’s also great to see a new type of item you can find in the world – like herbs that are used to make potions. They unlock various shrine-like combat bonuses for you. All equipment is then classically divided into basic, magical, rare, and legendary. They are not yet in the game or at release. they will not kits are classic green gear, maybe they will be added to the game sometime in the future. Equipment can also give you skill points that you didn’t choose yourself. And thereby improve yourself consequences skill without having to spend a point gained from the level.

Of course, you can try again to change the equipment bonuses with the occultist for a fee, or remove the ascension from the legendary weapon, which is useful for example in another. But they Mechanicsin which there is nothing new. Also, changing the appearance of equipment, i.e. transmob, which, however, is thrown to the fore and offers a lot library skins for your character.

One of the latest news – installwith which we can move around the world. Although it wasn’t available in the beta, you can find the stables here. Similarly, we have yet to find any sign of microtransactions, purchase options, or public auctions. The developers confirmedthat the battle pass and cosmetic store will appear in the game at release, but without the Pay-For-Power options. What if they actually go through with it would be a welcome change from what we experienced with Diablo Immortal – after which many players would of course release Diablo IV. they are afraid.

If the Diablo IV beta has shown us anything, it’s that it’s going to be a quality game that Diablo fans will especially appreciate, if only in terms of how long it takes. they were waiting. The question, however, is how much Diablo IV will appeal to completely new players. Let us know in the comments if you played the beta weekend too, and especially if you Diablo IV first time, how do you like the game?

Support players will definitely be more difficult in the long run after the loss of Blizzard’s reputation among the players. And it may be the little things that have not previously appeared in their games that tell us that at least a dose of skepticism may not be harmful. Is it possible to view models. Or that the animated skeleton does not sit exactly on the ground. These are details that Blizzard has always had. “imperious”. Let’s see how the new development team will perceive this legend in their own way. They have good support. Therefore, in the editorial office, we expect the full version with slight enthusiasm and high as expected. But this is a Blizzard project that went through development hell (hehe), so we’ll see. June 6th

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