Xzone play store changes logo

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Almost every one of us has had the opportunity to buy something from the Xzone play store at some point during the past 22 years, which for many years has been represented by a logo that at first sight is dominated by the letter X. During the past year, a well-known company decided to change its logo and decided to transform the agency Better, which is due to the fact that the X will no longer be the dominant element.

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Jan Bobrowski of Xzone’s marketing team commented on the “backstory” of the famous email as follows: “For many years we have been symbolized by the characteristic X, which has grown with us and has been an unmistakable part of us. That’s why we wanted to keep it from the very beginning. After a few examples from Better, it became clear that there is another way. Saying goodbye to Xke was harder than beating Malenia on the dance floor. In the end, however, he passed the baton to a new symbol that would carry our personality.“Yes, you read that right. Instead of X, the new O logo now dominates.

Thus, after 22 years of operation, Xzone is getting a unified visual direction, to which the co-owner of the game store, Martin Szovanek, commented as follows:On the one hand, a logo is a very important thing, but even more important is a well-functioning company. For most of my professional life and the life of Xzone, the company had one logo. It wasn’t perfect, but I liked it. Therefore, parting was not easy, as colleagues and employees of the agency can confirm. It was clear for a while that it was time for a change, something had to be done, and the 22nd birthday was the perfect date. I’ve been living with the new logo for a while now and I’m loving it more and more and I think it’s a good sign

According to Jan Bobrovsky, the main reason for changing the logo was its obsolescence, as well as the factor of high limitations, due to which it could not meet the high requirements of modernity. Of course, the company is clear that it will take time for everyone to get used to the new logo, but it is working with the idea that it would be a move that was definitely worth it.

Xzone Game Store Changes Logo with Grogu

Source :Indian TV

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