Worldless allows you to destroy the formless

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Are you a fan of the original 2D platform games? So today we have one piece of advice for you that might make you happy. Worldless introduces a game with an undefined world. While in other places everything has a clear form, here you walk on shapeless maps, which is mesmerizing in itself. However, as you progress through the game universe, you can expect that your enemies will begin to take on a clear outline, which may not be entirely pleasant at first glance.

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You will jump, swim and generally move through the levels of the game, trying to discover as much of this fantastic universe as possible. In doing so, you can count on a variety of enemies that you will face in hand-to-hand combat. If you manage to win, you will gain access to new abilities that define you as an entity. Worldless is coming to PC sometime in 2023. You can try the demo right now.

Source : Zing

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