The Elder Scrolls Online will enrich the new part of Morrowind

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The Xbox & Bethesda Developer_Direct event also featured MMORPGs. The Elder Scrolls Onlineso we waited spectacle a new data disk with the simple name Necrom. Through this new chapter in the history of the continent of Tamriel, Bethesda and development studio Zenimax Online intend to introduce us to a never-before-seen part of Morrowind.

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Necrom expansion will enrich the game, for example, with the new Arcanist class or about two new zones in eastern Morrowind, whose original names are Telvanni Penninsula and Apocrypha. There will also be two additional companions that can follow you into battle. It’s all part of the Shadows over Morrowind saga.

This adventure tells a compelling story divided into several pieces of content, the first of which will appear as the Scribes of Fate DLC in March/March. One the Necrom data disc will then be available on June 5/June 2023 for PC and Mac.while June 20/June will also see Xbox and PlayStation camps.. By pre-ordering, you will receive a mount named Sadrith Mora Spore Steed and a pet Sadrith Mora Spore Pony.

Scribes of Fate, coming March 13 for PC/Mac and March 28 for consoles, will offer “only” two new dungeons for four-player PvE gameplay. They will have to fight their way through Morata’s twisted assistant scribes in the Court of Scribes or face the time magic of Bala Sunnar. However, Necrom makes promises in a press release. 30 hours of brand new story content, which is dominated by the aforementioned arcanist class. She is the seventh and newest TESO class and will bring new things to the game. powerful abilities and game mechanics, which are taken from the Daedric Prince of the Oblivion Realm. And since traditions must be respected, we already have them. new cinematic trailer. Check it out above.

Source :Indian TV

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