Arkane’s Redfall has an exact release date

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As expected, at the Xbox and Bethesda Developer_Direct event, developers Arkane Austin revealed more information about the upcoming Redfall event. Above in the preview you can see a new trailer in which the authors mani in an open world full of vampireswhich you can face alone or in co-op up to four people.

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In addition, there was revealing a special set called the Vampire Hinter Pack, which will offer several special weapons and skins. This content will be available to pre-order holders that launched today.

Additional bonus content will be offered by a special edition of Bite Back, which will cost exactly 100 euros. According to Steam, for the basic version of the game you need to pay 70 euros. Following the example of other games under the Microsoft banner, Xbox/PC Game Pass subscribers will also be able to enjoy the game on release day.

At the end of the preview, we found out the exact release date, which was scheduled for May 2when Redfall releases on PC (Steam) and Xbox Series X/S. In addition to the trailer attached above, you can watch a recording of the entire presentation below.

Source :Indian TV

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