Soulcode Academy Opens Registration for 100% Free Martech and Java Full Stack Courses

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SoulCode Academy, a Brazilian educational technology offering 100% free technology courses, has an open selection process for two specializations: Martech and Java Full Stack. Applicants can apply from anywhere in Brazil and do not need to have prior programming knowledge. However, participation in the course requires the participant to be over 18 years of age, fully available, and unemployed as classes take place during business hours online and live.

Both courses will be taught through the Bootcamp program, which provides an opportunity for immersive learning and focuses on the most relevant skills in the field with the goal of accelerating learning and preparing professionals in a few months.,” explains SoulCode co-founder and CEO Fabrizio Cardoso.

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SoulCode Academy programming courses are sponsored by Grupo Petropolis through the TNT Energy Drink brand. Aware of the high demand for technology and opportunity scenarios, TNT Energy Drink has incorporated technology into one of the pillars of its brand. As a result, he has begun investing in partnerships in the sector to provide quality training for those who need it and cannot afford the costs, thus promoting social education, digital inclusion and knowledge for inclusion in the labor market.

edtech, which aims at technological education, social impact, diversity and employability, offers, in addition to the specialization chosen by the student, English classes and classes to develop interpersonal skills such as corporate language, self-esteem and a sense of community. Another difference is that SoulCode is partnering with some companies and thereby building a bridge to job opportunities.

In addition, edtech is also looking to fill part of the technology gap in Brazil. To give you an idea, according to a study published in December 2021 by Brasscom (Association of Information and Communication Technology and Digital Technology Companies), the area is projected to have an annual shortage of 106k talent.

About specializations:

Full Java stack: The professions most employed by Java Full Stack students are website developers, application developers, platform and software builders. More broadly, Java Full Stack professionals can solve a wide range of technology problems ranging from user navigation to back office system, data and data integration.

Martech: The Martech course, run in partnership with Meio&Mensagem, prepares marketing automation professionals responsible for the day-to-day tasks of a multi-channel marketing campaign. Among the areas of activity of this specialist:

Create relationship rules and automate digital campaign flows; plan and launch campaigns through email marketing, push notifications, SMS, landing pages and social media; interpret campaign analytics to measure performance and identify points of improvement; create digital asset A/B tests to measure engagement and improve campaign performance.


— Full Stack Java Class (duration: 16 weeks) — Registration until 29.04 via the link

– Martech class (duration: 12 weeks) – Registration until 29.04 via the link

About SoulCode Academy

SoulCode Academy is a Brazilian educational technology focused on technology education, digital exposure and inclusion, social impact, diversity and employability. The startup was born in December 2020, in the midst of the biggest pandemic in decades, given the high demand for trained coding professionals.

The project was conceived by well-known technology professionals after many years of studying and attending the most prestigious programming schools in Europe and the USA. Founded by Carmela Borst, Fabrizio Cardoso, Juana Pinkalski and Silvio Genesini, edtech represents the vision of its team and renowned Advisory Board, who understand that through coding education and a bridge to employment, they can support the start and rethinking of the careers of thousands of people.

For more information about the SoulCode Academy, visit the website. Talk to us in the comments and let us know if you liked this news and take the opportunity to read more news on our website.

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