iFood launches film “Fome de Game” in partnership with Fluxo

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To mark the launch of iFood’s first sponsorship in the esports world, the company, along with Fluxo, the esports organization formed by Nobru and Serol, which currently considers BAK a board member, officially released its first promotional film titled “Fome of the Game”.

With strategy and creativity delivered by 3C, a gaming partner that seeks to bring together talent and brands across the gaming universe, and produced by Ventania Filmes, the campaign features iFood Ambassador Nobra as its protagonist and shows the steps the organization has taken since its inception.

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“iFood has always been part of a gamer’s routine, so we have a close relationship with the entire community. We know that esports can change people’s lives and without a doubt Fluxo is proof of that. This partnership is an important milestone in the history of iFood and Fluxo.”suggests Pedro Tozzini, Connectivity Platform Coordinator at iFood.

Learn more about gaming hunger

According to Paulo Aguiar, commercial director of 3C Gaming, the promotional film shows a retrospective of the organization along with a partnership with iFood: “The film ‘Fome de game’ chronicles the partnership between Flow and iFood, blending archival footage from the team’s launch and current images that show more of the company and its goals in the gaming scene since its inception.”

This January, Fluxo and iFood ended their partnership, which was announced at the organization’s anniversary event. For Nobru, professional gamer and co-founder of Fluxo, foodtech has always understood how the brand approaches gamers and is present in the community and in their daily lives:

“You know that iFood, in addition to being the largest food technology in Latin America, has always been associated with gamers, right? Especially with people like me who love to play and need a short break to eat. From the first moment, the company understood our essence, about what it is to be Fluxo, and all this made the campaign even brighter and with our face, with several players and influencers of the organization, showing that they have their own hunger for the game. “.

This is another promotion created and implemented by 3C, a gaming partner that is constantly active in the market, and which was attended by Nobru, Cerol and several Fluxo players and influencers. The Gaming Partner has already completed projects with major brands such as Coca-Cola, Casas Bahia, Google, Ame Digital, Rappi, Oi, Netflix, Discord, Banco Next and Razer Gold. In addition, the company is responsible for managing the careers of clients such as Serol, Nobru and Gefao (Nobru’s father). To learn more about Gaming Partner, visit the website: 3C GAMING – Your Gaming Partner

About the flow

Fluxo is an esports organization created by Nobru and Serol and is the fourth season champion of the Brazilian Free Fire League. Bruno “Nobru” Goes, 20, is a professional Free Fire player, selected as Free Fire, Craque da Galera Athlete of the Year and Esports Brasil Award 2019 Athlete of the Year.

The player became the winner of the Free Fire S3 Pro League, the world champion in 2019, where he became the MVP. Lucio “Cerol” dos Santos was a Free Fire Ambassador for the Corinthians, was selected as the best streamer of 2019 by the Esports Brasil Award and is one of the biggest streamers of this modality in Brazil. Fluxo is sponsored by the brands Razer, Razer Gold, Next, TNT, BOOYAH!, Casas Bahia, TikTok and iFood.

About iFood

iFood, the benchmark for online food delivery in Latin America, has over 60 million orders per month. For ten years on the market, the company of Brazilian origin is also present in Colombia. He works with partners on initiatives that bring together business intelligence and management solutions for approximately 270,000 restaurants registered in over a thousand cities across Brazil.

iFood has important investors such as Movile, the world leader in mobile marketplaces, and Just Eat, one of the world’s largest online ordering companies. Recently launched iFood News, an iFood news portal that promotes trending topics such as the New Economy and content about business curiosities, partner success stories, in addition to an approach to trends and innovations in the segment.

About 3C Gaming

Established in late 2020, 3C Gaming is a gaming partner focused on creating, engaging and collaborating with talent, brands and the community to push the boundaries of gaming culture every day. Together with Renan Philip, Fernando Hamuche, Allan Fernandez, Wilson Neto and Paulo Aguiar, she manages the careers of Nobru, Serol and Gefao, as well as manages the entire operation of the Fluxo Esports team, being responsible for hosting her own tournaments such as the Nobru Cup and the Serol Challenge.

In 2021, the company completed 1 year of life and reached the milestone of more than Rs 70 million earned in business for its partners, which include talent, streaming platform, brands and publishers. Her portfolio includes projects implemented with brands: Ame Digital, Rappi, Oi, Netflix, Discord, Banco Next and Razer Gold.

about Nobru

Bruno “Nobro” Goes is a Free Fire athlete and co-founder of Team Fluxo. He was voted the Best Free Fire Player in the World in 2019 when he became the Free Fire Pro League and Free Fire World Cup Champion by the Corinthians. In addition to being a professional athlete, Nobru divides his time on Twitch, where he has almost 3 million subscribers, and Youtube, where he has 12 million subscribers and over 736 million views of his videos.

At the 2019 eSports Awards, Nobru won three trophies, being voted Athlete of the Year, Craque da Galera, and Free Fire Athlete of the Year 2019. In 2020, Nobru was nominated for the Best Free Fire Athlete in the eSports Award and was a Brazilian Esports Awards nominated player competing for the Best Mobile Player of the Year award. In 2021, he became Fluxo’s Brazilian Free Fire League (LBFF) champion and received the Personality of the Year award at the Esports Awards, the biggest esports award in the world.

Source : Married Games

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