BIG Festival and gamescom bring gamescom to Brazil!

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gamescom, the world’s largest gaming event, is coming to Latin America. From June 26 to 30, gamescom latam will take place in Sao Paulo, Brazil, providing a unique opportunity for gaming enthusiasts and the digital entertainment industry in Brazil, Latin America and around the world. To make it the largest gaming festival in Latin America, gamescom latam will merge with BIG Festival, which has already attracted 50,000 visitors in 2022.

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BIG festival and gamescom

The new event will be called gamescom latam, which refers to Latin America, and will add to the existing gamescom family of formats – the original in Cologne, Germany, and gamescom asia, which takes place in Singapore.

The partnership is the result of an alliance between gaming and entertainment heavyweights:

  • Koelnmesse is one of the world’s leading trade fair organizers, holding more than 80 events a year in several countries. Organizer of Gamescom in Cologne and Singapore.
  • game, the German Game Industry Association brings together the entire video game ecosystem: from development studios and publishers to eSports event organizations, educational institutions and other related organizations. Brand owner and co-organizer of gamescom.
  • BIG Festival, the largest gaming festival in Latin America.
  • Omelete, leader of the pop culture segment in Brazil, creator of CCXP, the largest comic book in the world, and Game XP, the largest game park in the world, among other activities.

“The creation of gamescom in Latin America is in line with the recognition of Brazil and Latin America as central territories by the world’s largest gaming companies. It’s also an important coincidence of two events that already had the same nature: both gamescom and BIG Festival celebrate the gaming world and gaming communities by showing fans the latest releases, the best games and more. It is for this reason that BIG Festival will continue to exist as one of the venues within Gamescom Latam, attracting the best independent games from around the world, as we have done since 2012, but now on a platform with much greater visibility.” says Gustavo Steinberg, CEO of BIG Festival and now Gamescom in Latin America.

“We are very pleased to bring gamescom to Brazil together with our partners. Latin America and especially Brazil are exciting emerging markets: the gaming community and industry are growing rapidly, and Gamescom Latin America is poised to be home to both of them, as well as many guests from around the world. Gamescom 2023 in Cologne clearly showed that the international gaming industry is in need of events. We are pleased to have a unique and powerful group of partners to help make this happen,” says Felix Falk, Managing Director Games – German Games Industry Association.

“Gamescom Sao Paulo is designed to reinforce Omelete’s leadership and strategic commitment to audience development and creating epic experiences in the gaming market. We are creating connections and strategic plans for brands that want to enter the world of gaming, now consolidating the market thanks to the biggest event in Latin America,” says Pierre Mantovani, CEO of Omelete.

Big festival and gamescom
BIG festival and gamescom

As Koelnmesse, we are very excited to launch the new gamescom in Latin America, one of the most dynamic regions for gaming in the world today. We are confident that we will host another world-class event for gaming enthusiasts from Brazil and Latin America. This milestone is particularly important as it makes a decisive contribution to the global prestige of the Koelnmesse portfolio.“, says Benny Piatetzky, CEO of Koelnmesse Brasil.

gamescom latam will receive strategic support from the state and municipal authorities of São Paulo, who value the importance of games in modern culture and economy.

Sao Paulo will once again host one of the largest digital entertainment events in the world.“, says the governor of São Paulo, Tarcisio de Freitas. “With gamescom latam, we reinforce São Paulo’s commitment to creating opportunities for youth, promoting economic development with increased jobs and income, promoting digital culture and the creative industry, and seizing opportunities to expand these sectors in Brazil.“.

The city of Sao Paulo is the capital of the gaming sector in Latin America. Hosting gamescom strengthens the city’s vocation and the work we do to strengthen this production chain.“,” emphasizes the mayor of Sao Paulo, Ricardo Nunez.

Gamescom Latam will take place from June 26 to 30, 2024 at Sao Paulo Expo.

Partnership highlights:

Gamescom Latin America: The famous gamescom, known as the biggest gaming event in the world, will now be held in Latin America for the first time, in Sao Paulo. This innovation gives fans the opportunity to celebrate games together, learn about the latest news, releases and industry trends, and experience shows and demos first-hand.

BIG Festival: It has been running since 2012 and is known as the fastest growing gaming event in Latin America. An important part of the event has always been to promote the gaming scene and industry. BIG Festival will continue to exist at gamescom Latin America as a competitive festival of independent games from around the world. Independent game creators and developers will have the opportunity to network, showcase their games to the public, and make valuable contacts.

Industry meeting place: The event will be an important platform for the global gaming industry in the first half of the year through networking, collaboration with the region’s industry and game launches. Industry professionals, from developers and distributors to influencers and investors, will have the opportunity to share knowledge, form partnerships and shape the future of digital entertainment.

Game City: São Paulo, which already hosts the largest events in some segments, will become the capital of the games during the event; The idea is to create an atmosphere through signage, vehicle panels and mass advertising to welcome people from all over the world to attend the event.

ABOUT BIG Festival (Best International Games Festival) It has been running since 2012 and is the most important gaming festival in Latin America. Its mission is to strengthen the gaming ecosystem in Brazil – showcasing the best games in the world at the festival, launching games from renowned publishers, business meetings, awards, extensive press coverage, lectures and the presence of major players in the region, as well as publishers and investors from around peace. BIG Festival will be a platform within gamescom latam, including a competitive gaming festival and an awards ceremony.

About the game – German Game Industry Association

We are the association of the German gaming industry. Our members represent the entire video game ecosystem, from development studios and publishers to sports event organizers, educational institutions and other related organizations.

We are co-organizers of gamescom, the world’s largest computer and video game event. We are shareholders of the USK, the Digital Game Culture Foundation, the Esports Foundation, devcom and VHG, and co-organizers of the German Computer Game Awards.

As the central point of contact for the media, as well as political and social institutions, we offer comprehensive expertise in areas such as market development, gaming culture and media literacy, and answer any questions or concerns. Together we make Germany the heart of gaming around the world. Through games we enrich everyone’s life.

About Kelnmesse Brazil

Koelnmesse Brasil is a subsidiary of Koelnmesse GmbH, an international leader in organizing exhibitions in the gaming and entertainment segments. Gamescom, based at the exhibition site in Cologne, Germany, is the world’s largest computer and video games event and Europe’s largest business platform for the games industry.

gamescom brings together passionate gamers, B2B visitors and exhibitors from around the world through a high-impact approach – in person on site and digitally from anywhere in the world. This makes gamescom the leading B2C, B2B and B2G gaming event. In addition to the event at its headquarters in Cologne, Koelnmesse is strategically expanding its portfolio internationally: in Singapore, gamescom asia provides an additional powerful industry platform for the fast-growing gaming market in the Asia-Pacific region, comprehensively matching supply and demand.

About the Omelette company

The largest conglomerate dedicated to pop culture fans in Brazil, Omelete uses its website, social media and partners to reach more than 15 million people every month hungry for news from the worlds of movies, TV series, games, music and comics. texts, videos and posts on social networks. The brands Omelete, The Enemy, CCXP, Game XP, BIG Festival, Gaules, Baiano and CCXP Awards are part of the Omelete company.

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