“Starfield is not boring,” Bethesda tries to convince dissatisfied gamers – INDIAN

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Star field it has its active supporters and opponents. Some fans even admitted that the sci-fi adventure didn’t deserve to be considered for Game of the Year at The Game Awards 2023. Overall, Starfield received mixed reviews, which Bethesda decided to change. He’s trying to convince players that Starfield isn’t boring.

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This month, two developers from Bethesda Game Softworks (who are listed as official representatives of the studio) began responding to negative reviews on Steam and pointing out the qualities of their latest work. They de facto refute the opinions of the players and try to convince them to give Starfield another chance.. Many players complain about the repetitive and mindless gameplay. The developers advise them to start a new game and choose different characteristics and story background for the character.

In other cases, they refute the players’ opinions. For example, they wrote that when the astronauts flew to the Moon, there was nothing there either, but they certainly weren’t bored. Other times, they remind you how Starfield has improved since release and that new updates are in the works.

Many people think this attempt by Bethesda is strange and are not convinced that something like this can change people’s minds. What do you think?

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Source :Indian TV

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