The AG Gamer Festival will host VALORANT and League of Legends events with R$4,000 in prizes.

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CNB, a renowned e-sports organization, in partnership with Defuse, an app specializing in e-sports tournaments, has just announced the AG Gamer Festival.

At the end of the year, the festival will host two competitive events: one for VALORANT and the other for League of Legends (LoL), both with free registration and a total prize pool of R$4,000.

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Registration for the championships is open until December 1st and can be done directly through the Defuse app or through the official VALORANT and LoL event websites. Players of all ranks and levels can participate.

AG Gamer Festival

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Tournaments will consist of matches of 5×5 players and MD1 (best of one match) format. The winners of each tournament will receive R$1,250, and the runners-up will receive R$750. The competition will begin on December 9 and 10, with the final scheduled for December 16.

“This initiative marks another successful collaboration between CNB and Defuse in 2023,” notes Carlos Junior, founder and CEO of CNB. “The companies have joined forces multiple times throughout the year to promote LoL and VALORANT tournaments, give out significant prizes, and help encourage and further develop the competitive esports scene,” Junior concludes.

To follow the latest CNB news, visit the organization’s official Instagram.

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