Rato Borrachudo Announces Nitro Race, a Custom GTA Server Focused on Racing

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Rato Borrachudo, a major gaming influencer in Brazil, along with Andre “Drezzy” and Marco “Skorpion Gamer” have officially announced the launch of Nitro Race, a customized GTA RP server that will focus exclusively on racing.

Nitro Race will initially support up to a thousand simultaneous accesses and will be adjusted to provide players with a new offering, converting the racing game audience to RPGs through new server gameplay such as: vehicle customization, crew system, rank increases, different racing experiences, including drift, street racing, escape and others, as well as large tracks with more than a hundred racers.

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Nitro Race

In addition to promoting competitive racing, Nitro Race aims to provide a space for content creators to host events with their communities on the server, promoting activation with the public through controversy, aiming to strengthen the relationship between creator and public. From this perspective, the server will feature a system of guilds, teams, where influencers will create their own communities in the game and work together with their audience to achieve goals in Nitro Race.

“Our idea with Nitro Race was to offer players an engaging entertainment experience with competitive racing, rankings, various game modes, while at the same time offering content creators various opportunities to get closer to their communities. As a content creator I think it’s a positive thing for the gaming sector to bring creators closer to their audience, after all we are gamers too and we promote our content precisely because we enjoy that interaction and I believe this moves our ecosystem in a positive way and in a healthy way. As creators, it is important for us to keep our scene busy and that is why I created Nitro Race,” said Rato Borrachudo, creator of Nitro Race.

The Nitro Race server will be the hallmark of racing in GTA Online. With modifications that go beyond traditional play, the new server will include skill enhancement features through a training system, events, season passes, rankings, and various game modes.

Full information about server resources is available on the official Nitro Race website.

About Nitro Race

Nitro Race is a modified GTA Online server that provides a unique and exclusive racing experience. Designed for fans of speed and competition, the server offers a variety of competitive modes: from traditional racing on the most exciting GTA Online tracks to mega ramps, street racing, drift racing, escape and alternative battle modes.

Nitro Race has a unique ranking system for each mode, and also features endless vehicle customization, a skill progression system through training, season passes with rewards, and a guild system. In Nitro Race, the action has no boundaries and goes beyond the traditional racing limitations of GTA V, delivering an electrifying environment with limitless possibilities for players and content creators.

About Rato Borrachudo

Rato Borrachudo is a well-known influencer and businessman who has been known to the public for over 10 years through his casual gameplay videos, daily vlogs, and many tricks and jokes. Currently, in addition to his YouTube channels, Douglas Mesquita, the face behind the Mouse mask, has invested in the retail market by creating his own group of affiliates – a gaming studio called UZMI Games and StreetBots.

Several years ago, Douglas demonstrated his passion for technology and especially the development of combat robots. What was initially just a hobby and sporadic videos on his channel has become much more serious: Streetbots, a company that aims to bring more attention to the robotics sector throughout Brazil, mainly by promoting award-winning tournaments at the national level in which professionals participate and students. .

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Source : Married Games

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