Tips for playing Last Train Home

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The journey home in Last Train Home is definitely not an easy one. Therefore, we decided to put together some tips aimed at making the entire trip easier and avoiding the mistakes that we ourselves made during the trip.

The article does not contain significant plot-oriented details, but rather focuses on game mechanics.

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You should explore Russia

The train here moves along clearly marked tracks. However, this does not mean that Last Train Home does not offer you a number of opportunities to improve yourself and, above all, to increase the chances that you will actually reach your destination. The fighters and your iron horse need a stable supply of supplies, and this can only be achieved by maximizing the potential of the surrounding landscape. So in the long run, it’s a good idea to be selective about where your people look. The best option is to always create as many squads as possible and visit every house, forest or hunting ground with them.

Tips for playing Last Train Home Last Train Home A Mista worth exploring

To greatly increase your chances of making it through this wild adventure from start to finish, you’ll need to explore the villages and various shops in Last Train Home. In them you can earn money for more necessary things by selling materials and metals. In addition to buying and selling, you can sometimes also find a side order in them, which allows you to get additional raw materials, soldiers, money and, above all, experience points on the strategic battlefield, without which little can be done here. or.

Tips for playing Last Train Home Last Train Home Zajic

Don’t expect success without specialists

Last Train Home is a game that relies heavily on the specializations and different traits of soldiers. Therefore, it is recommended to carefully study each character before placing them in any section. In the event that you have an overview of personalities, it will not be a problem for you to correctly compose the teams that you will send to the event. For example, it is good to send thieves or housekeepers to remote villages. Both specializations can make the most of the situation in the form of additional raw materials that the others have no chance of finding through exploration. The same situation happens when you send a survivor on a fishing trip.

Tips for playing Last Train Home Last Train Home Specialist

However, when playing Last Train Home, you need to consider the opposite possibility, which is that someone simply doesn’t have the talent to do the job. Sending an incompetent squad member into the forest is as smart as putting a gun in the hands of a child. In both cases, injury is almost inevitable. Therefore, try to optimize the group as much as possible before each landing. This is the only way to maximize your chances of obtaining additional raw materials and therefore survival.

Tips for playing Last Train Home Specialist 2

Don’t rush into battle

Tactical maps represent an area in Last Train Home where rushing can only be harmful. Every corner of them offers you the opportunity to make the whole mission a little easier. However, you must have the right team at the start. The option in which I sent two scouts, a machine gunner, an infantryman and a grenadier into battle turned out to be very useful for me. This combination was capable of handling almost anything. When you are in the field, your only concern is not being noticed. It’s always a good idea to lure enemies away with one team member while the other neutralizes the target. If you have two men with a sniper rifle on hand, some situations can be quickly resolved with a couple of shots.

Tips for playing “The Last Train Home” “The Last Train Home”: Specialist Fight

Eliminating personalities and taking a slow approach often helps you better deal with situations that arise when things don’t go according to plan. Last Train Home also uses careful traversal of locations to obtain supplies. Each destination hides an incredible amount of materials and ammunition, the consumption of which is sometimes extreme, even if you do not rely on slow progress.

In addition to raw materials, various temporary advantages are also hidden on tactical cards. More precisely, unmanned vehicles, machine guns or cannons. And in case you are not in a hurry to get into battle, you have the opportunity to use their full potential, because in their vicinity there are a considerable number of enemy infantry, as well as the crew commanding them. However, if you take him out with silent action or a few well-aimed shots from a sniper rifle, you can later put your men in the tank for a pretty brutal ride. But you need to act carefully and not rush anywhere. With hasty steps you close a number of potential paths and more than once they will lead to your death.

Tips for playing tank Last Train Home Last Train Home

Upgrade your train

On your journey through a devastated land, one of the tools you will have to work with besides people is the train. He is the one who takes you from one station to another, determines how many you bring and, above all, how many people you actually save. Therefore, it is useful to think from the very beginning about how you can improve it. Of course, you can focus in several directions. However, you need to think about where you will put everything first, at least from the very beginning. You’ll quickly discover that while the cargo and transport cars in Last Train Home seem quite large at first glance, the opposite is true.

Tips for playing Last Train Home Lecba

Along the way, you will find both raw materials and people in abundance. Therefore, it is ideal to start improving individual spaces while standing at the station. If you are in a hurry, it is better to immediately buy another carriage. Personally, when playing on a higher difficulty, the choice focusing on more storage space was useful, since the collected raw materials could then be sold and thus provide finance for the purchase of other parts of the train, targeting, for example, a larger number of places to stay . Because when you run out of train seats in Last Train Home, you either have to replace the newly found ones or leave them where you managed to find them, which also happens in the case of materials.

Tips for playing Last Train Home Last Train Home Warm-up

As for other vans, be sure to buy a medical van as soon as possible. Even if you try to avoid injury during missions, it still happens more than once that your person gets sick. And injuries don’t just happen in combat. Therefore, it is good to have a place where you can put the victim and quickly prepare him for the next actions. In the future, you can purchase a kitchen or workshop according to your desire. It is recommended to insulate and strengthen individual parts of your train so that they do not have to be repaired frequently. If you can slowly turn the train into a mobile fortress, your success will be almost inevitable.

Tips for playing Last Train Home Last Train Home updates

Maximize tactical mode and save.

This last tip is a bit general, but in my own experience, I couldn’t just skip it for a few reasons. One of the main gameplay elements of Last Train Home is real-time combat. If you have a small group, you can handle it relatively easily. But once you have more people on hand, or even a full squad, it’s not as much fun, and real-time coordination definitely becomes challenging. Therefore, it is good to start stable work with a tactical pause. With its help, you can plan your actions in such a way that even several enemies will calmly die without raising the alarm in one hit.

Tips for playing the Last Train Home slide

But things don’t always go according to plan. The game can derail your plans due to poor reactions of your people, unexpected actions of enemies or mistakes. There are many alternatives, but you only have one nerve. Therefore, always work with the F5 button, which is used to create saves that you can return to later. The more times you use this option, the more time you will save in Last Train Home.

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