LG’s new XBOOM RNC line promises to turn any environment into a party

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A LG Electronics introduces its latest line of speakers: the LG XBOOM RNC, which includes three new models: RNC5, RNC7 and RNC9.

The new devices promise to revolutionize the audio experience, combining modern design with high-quality bass enhancement to deliver better sound quality during celebrations.

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Best Bass with LG XBOOM RNC

“With the LG XBOOM RNC line, music lovers will enjoy enhanced bass and powerful sound that will make every festive moment even more memorable. Whether it’s a barbecue with the family, a pool party, a party room or even connecting to your TV at home, the new line provides power, lighting and even karaoke to liven up any occasion,” says Felipe Lebrao.

The new LG XBOOM RNC family of speakers deliver powerful sound and deep bass thanks to Bass Boost, which enhances airflow behind the speaker, ideal for outdoor use, filling the space with crystal-clear sound without distortion. The sound experience is also complete when it comes to karaoke. New LG speaker models feature a Key Changer that allows the user to customize music to suit their voice and reduce vocals in tracks using Voice Canceller.

The party can become even more lively with the illuminated speaker of the new LG XBOOM RNC models. These are multi-colored LED lights that change in time with the rhythm. RNC 5, 7 and 9 models come with additional features such as Party Link, which allows you to synchronize connection and control of multiple devices, further enhancing the power of audio throughout your party. Another option is the “DJ Function” to control sound effects and the DJ Pad through the DJ app or the speaker itself.

Another feature of the new line of LG speakers is the maximum connectivity of LG XBOOM RNC products. Various options ensure a variety of entertainment for the user, who can play audio from any device, be it via Bluetooth, microphone and guitar inputs, USB input and even listen to the radio. You can also connect the speaker to your LG TV via optical cable or wirelessly using the impressive TV Sound Sync feature.

Your XBOOM in the palm of your hand

ABOUT LG XBOOM app This is a real revolution in the way you enjoy your favorite music. Available for Android and iOS, the user can customize the sound equalizer by adjusting tones and volume. Plus, it lets you control the speaker lighting to choose the right color to create the perfect ambiance for every moment. For those who love to share music, the app also allows you to create collaborative playlists, providing a customized music experience to suit everyone’s tastes with a simple click on your preferred device.

Visit LG’s official website for more product information.

Seeing is believing – products that only LG has

The “Seeing is Believing” campaign – products that only LG has – from LG Electronics was launched in Brazil to highlight LG’s exclusive technologies and encourage experimentation with products to show that once a customer sees and uses these products, he will fall in love and become a loyal consumer. The “Seeing is Believing” campaign is the company’s invitation to consumers to try LG products and prove through use that the brand offers the highest technology, innovation and connectivity with features that only LG has. Check out the highlights here.

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