Review and Poll: Upcoming Console Exclusives

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The summer season is slowly knocking on the door, which in the gaming industry usually means fewer titles, but more presentations and streams. June used to be a holiday associated with E3. Although this year’s event will be digital only, a number of partners have pledged participation, including two console makers, Microsoft and Nintendo. Sony will no longer be participating in the show this year, but it is likely that the company will prepare its own State of Play stream.

The following article focuses on the most significant upcoming exclusive consoles we could see this summer. The list does not include smaller indie projects, whose exclusivity status is mostly temporary, and they are rarely true “system sellers”.

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However, the comparison may surprise you. Which console manufacturer and which game interests you the most from the list above? Or are you looking forward to some upcoming gem from an independent production? Let us know in the discussion.


Potentially, Microsoft has the most potential this year to please fans with a truly brilliant presentation. The question is not even whether the company has enough items in stock, but what form of submission to choose. In the past, Microsoft conferences have suffered from a lack of focus on individual games to showcase as many titles as possible. A lot of stuff got stuck in the cannonade of the trailer.

However, the xbox division of the company has grown so big in recent years that such an approach would be to the detriment of everyone involved. We will still be waiting for most of the upcoming exclusives, but many of them may already be at the stage where developers can show them off this summer. Let’s not forget that Xbox exclusive games are usually released for PC at the same time. And what titles are involved?

First and foremost, it should be the return of the unconventional RPG brand. Fable (trailer) prepared by the creators of Forzy Horzon at Playground Games. Already announced titles can also be considered impressive. Hellblade 2: Senua Sagaor a couple of captured RPGs Starfield Name: Bethesdy a universally recognized (trailer) produced by Obisidian. Both of these games have the ambition to challenge the best RPGs on the market. Don’t forget about the new Everwild (trailer) from the makers of Sea of ​​Thieves.

A closer look at exclusivity such as Decay State 3 (trailer) or new Perfect darkness (trailer), although in these cases it is clear that we will wait for the result for some time. On the contrary, with a high degree of probability they will announce the release date Psychonauts 2 (video from the game), or strategy Age of Empires 4 (video from gambling), the release of which, however, was announced only on PC. As an absolute certainty, one can take a “second attempt” to dazzle the audience in the performance. hello: endless (video from the game). The game will “definitely” be released this year. Finally, the xbox version should arrive soon last year flight simulator (consideration)

The question is, what will Bethesda show? This year’s titles like Deathloop and Ghostwire Tokyo have temporary Playstation exclusivity, this year’s Starfield release isn’t quite certain, and the recent announcement of an Indiana Jones-themed license (trailer) is raising doubts among players expecting a fitting end to the new trilogy. . wolfenstein from the MachineGames workshop. The Elder Scrolls VI is not worth talking about for a few more years.

And we’re not done yet, there are several other Xbox games currently announced. Among others, we will name only the most prominent: arrow CrossfireX, whose singleplayer is hosted by the Remedy fighters, definitely has the potential to be a big hit. Also of great interest are two horror films: survival in Chernobyl with an open world. STALKER 2 (trailer) and alien-inspired art design Contempt (video from the game).


Sony’s first look at the number of upcoming high-end exclusives is at a glance below, but two facts need to be reminded. Unlike new Xboxes since the Playstation 5 launch, it has released a number of top exclusives, led by games like Demon’s Souls, Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Sackboy’s Big Adventure, recently joined by the successful Returnal. In June, he will be joined by another very promising Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (video from the game).

Sony won’t be joining E3 this year either, but we’ll likely have a State of Play stream in June or July, which the company can boast of about the upcoming news. The biggest without a doubt Horizon: Forbidden West, which was recently confirmed by the company this year. News about less likely Gran Turisma 7 (trailer), the launch of which was postponed to 2022. Big question mark then promise god of War. That Sony could release the long-awaited 2018 Game of the Year sequel this year, when it was announced last year, seemed more like dark humor towards sweaty developers or an attempt to lure players to a fresh console. However, it would be fair to show at least a short teaser of this type, like Uncharted 4 or The Last of Us: Part II.

Of course, we are also waiting for news about other projects. Sony recently announced that they currently have 25 exclusives in production. We can assume, for example, the announcement of a new IP from the portfolio of Bend Studio or Media Molecule, or the announcement of cooperation with Hide Kojima on his new game.

Marketing campaign for Kena: Spirit Bridgehowever, whose exclusivity status may not be permanent. Speaking of exclusives of this type, Square-Enix promises a presentation where we could learn more about upcoming exclusives such as forgotten (trailer) or Final Fantasy XVI (trailer). In the case of Forspoken, we know that it will take two years for the news to reach the competitor.


Nintendo is still in a very strong position. Switch only sells whistles, and the company has several heavy calibers in stock for this year and next. Like Microsoft, Nintendo is one of the E3 partners this year, so we’re looking forward to the traditional broadcast. The biggest attraction is undoubtedly getting ready successor to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wildwhose close disclosure seems quite real.

The situation is similar Bayonetta 3, where the developers of Platinum Games should definitely finally break the long silence and show the long-awaited game in action. However, due to their next upcoming project Babylon’s Fall, the release of which is probably closer, we do not expect this. No less pleasant surprise will be the first shots Metroid Prime 4development of which was restarted the year before last.

The open world is also given a lot of attention Pokémon Legends: Arceus (trailer) that seems to be able to introduce such an extremely popular brand to a new audience. We don’t expect it until next year. This year they are targeting traditional fans. Pokémon: Diamond Diamond and Shining Pearl (trailer).

Among the heavier calibers, we can include other exclusive games such as the highly anticipated JRPG. Shin Megami Tensei V (trailer). We can certainly count on news about the popular multiplayer shooter. Platoon 3 (trailer) that Nintendo will bet on next year. Fans of tactical RPGs with turn-based combat in the style of Final Fantasy Tactics were recently roused from their chairs by the announcement of an extremely charming pixelated game. Design triangle strategy.

As a reminder, Nintendo also has exclusives ready for the summer. Mario Golf: Super Rush (video from the game), creative events No More Heroes 3 (trailer) The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD (video from the game).


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