If you notice changes to Doom or Quake on Steam, it’s their work that avoids confusing users.

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If you notice changes to Doom or Quake on Steam, it’s their work that avoids confusing users.

id Software explains that the game library on Steam has been simplified since August 10.

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Epics like DOOM or Quake have not only been great references to the first-person shooter genre, but parts of it are also vivid video game history. Therefore, protecting them in the best possible way is a positive, tried thing. Identity Softwareowner company.

Some versions are included within othersIn a post posted on the platform page, the company said as of August 10, Simplifies the game library on Steam to avoid confusion between players. “Instead of explaining the differences between Final Doom, Ultimate Doom, and Doom, we will consolidate our library of books,” they say.

This decision is the result of different versions of a game so far. will be grouped under a single installation package, but each can continue to work separately. This also affects the various id Software game bundles, giving users who already own them a discounted option to complete them.

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The list of games we have left for you below consists of games that have disappeared from the Valve platform, but each will be available in other packages:

  • Quake 2 Demo
  • Quake 3 Arena Demo
  • Quake 3 Team Arena Demo
  • Quake 3 Team Arena (included in Quake 3 Arena)
  • Final Doom (included in Doom 2)
  • Master Levels for Doom 2 (included in Doom 2)
  • Quake 2 Mission Pack: The Reckoning (included with Quake 2 launcher)
  • Quake 2 Mission Pack: Ground Zero (included in Quake 2 launcher)
  • Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil (including Doom 3)
  • Doom 3: BFG Edition (included in Doom 3)
  • Doom Classic Complete Pack (replaced by Doom Classic pack)

While we wait for the new installments of the saga, it’s worth remembering that we recently learned about the canceled DOOM 4, which was shelved by id Software in 2013 because it didn’t sound convincing enough, and eventually led to 2016 DOOM, which saw the light on PCs. and consoles.

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