The Last of Us Part 1 Confirmed Download Size

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The Last of Us Part 1 is the second time Naughty Dog has moved the remastered brush into the first Last of Us game, and the file size will be even larger than the first game.

While The Last of Us Remastered for PlayStation 4 is 48GB, The Last of Us Part 1 will increase that file size to an astonishing 79GB. This is done before using a Naughty Dog Patch while the game is in progress execution.

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This second round of remasters includes Left Behind, the Naughty Dog prequel that was previously released as DLC, and another visual refresh that taps into the potential of PlayStation 5 (and PC) hardware. Naughty Dog is also aiming to overhaul the gaming experience, which Sony says includes “enhanced game mechanics, enhanced controls, and enhanced access options.” Game director Neil Druckman describes Episode 1 as the final version of The Last of Us.

The remake was pre-ordered in three versions: Standard Edition ($70), Digital Deluxe Edition ($80), and Firefly Edition. The Firefly Edition has since been sold.

The Last of Us Part 1 arrives September 2.

Source : dbl tap

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