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Pokémon GO Promo Codes: All Freebies September 2022


Niantic regularly offers useful items for your Pokémon GO adventures. Either with free gifts in the shop or for the price of a single piece, or coupon code. New codes may become available every month, and today we are evaluating the rewards for September 2022. This is definitely beneficial for all players as the season of lights is just beginning and brings with it some new stuff like Sepiatop Shiny or Deoxys in Raids. For example, use these free rewards to get extra balls.

Pokémon GO: How to use a promo code?

You can go enter the code Official page (iOS) or directly via the Play Store (at the bottom of the screen). However, keep in mind that the code can only be used once per person. Make sure you have enough space in your inventory, otherwise the reward cannot be claimed. Note that various promo codes are distributed during events such as the Safari Zone or the Championship, but these are generally limited (for XXX first arrivals or X days).

new : Expansion Card (JCC) Since the release of Pokémon GO, you can get gift codes by buying boxes.

Pokémon GO: promo codes and offers for September 2022

This list is not exhaustive as other codes may be added in the coming days. Codes are often announced on Pokémon GO social media, so stay tuned!

Note: We only release codes that are still active and unexpired (although some codes are sometimes only valid for one day).

Last update (checking availability of codes and adding new ones): September 3, 2022

the There are currently no active codes available. All previous codes have expired. However, you will find below a list of current offers not to be missed:

  • One-day free box with various items in the in-game store,
  • Promotional parachute attached to the Safari space below: click on it to get a reward in the sky,
  • by reward code Amazon Prime Gaming (Monthly)
  • Box 1 week for only 1 pokecoin

Finally, here is the list of codes received with Pokémon GO cards. If you use one, feel free to mention it in the comments (each code can only be used by one person):

Finally, note that you can currently receive 1 Pokécoin box every week and a free gift box every day from the in-game store (with the Remote Raid Pass).

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