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Update kills your console: Angry fans at Rockstar Games

Update kills your console: Angry fans at Rockstar Games
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GTA Online fans were disappointed. The latest update seems to be killing their console. Now they are making some serious claims about developer Rockstar Games.

New York: Players have been recreating GTA Online for nearly nine years. Fly the streets of Los Santos, participate in car races, win big money or quickly turn the excitement and adventure into an RPG game. The fact that the game still has a loyal following after all these years is largely due to regular updates. But now rumors accuse the New York promoter of bad faith.

mosquito net name Grand Theft Car V orientation
Extension (first airtime) September 17, 2013
editors rock star games
Series Big car theft
platforms PS5, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox 360, PC
developer certainty rock fairy
Medicine World explored, excitement and adventure

GTA Online Summer Update Unplayable On Old Consoles – Frustrated Fans

Updates remove older consoles: At the end of July, the big summer update was finally released on GTA Online. This brought players new content such as cars, new missions, and races. By the way, you can play GTA multiplayer not only on the latest PS4 and Xbox One, but of course also on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. But therein lies the problem.

GTA Online: Updates Are Ruining Your Console – Rockstar Heavy Penalties © Rockstar Games/Microsoft/pixabay (Publisher)

As fans on Reddit have reported, GTA Online is having issues, especially on older consoles. These have been viewed since the last update. As you can see in a few videos, previous generation consoles can’t keep up with the world of GTA Online fast enough. In a car race, sometimes important structures are loaded shortly after the car passes, which makes it almost difficult to jump and drive on the beautiful road.

Fans accuse Rockstar of bad faith: Fans were shocked by the video showing GTA Online on the last console played. Reviews that quickly accuse the New York developer of malicious intent:

  • Hydra_Kitt writes: “This seems intentional to me as the 360 ​​and PS3 started getting massive errors after the One and PS4 versions were released.
  • Drdingle92 says: “That’s my entire Xbox experience with this game.
  • Reddit McBurger criticized: “accurate. They shouldn’t have, they probably would have fixed it by now… Last update was good, adds little content and breaks the game.

It looks like a few players are having issues with GTA Online on their older consoles. However, Rockstar Games may fix the issue with the next weekly update.

Still playing GTA Online on PS4 or Xbox One? Are you still having issues or is the game still working fine for you? Let us know in the comments.

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