Fright Night Trundle Skin Splash Art, price, release date, how to get it?

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The Fright Night Trundle is one of six new skins Riot Games announced earlier this fall. The studio is gearing up for its annual Halloween theme, and these new skins, one each for Renata Glaske, Nautilus, En, Draven, Urgot, and Trundle, are precursors to the holiday’s early arrival in the public beta environment. September. Here’s everything you need to know about Trundle’s new look.

Fright Night Trundle splash art.

Fright Night Trundle splash art. / Courtesy of Riot Games

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The Fright Night Trundle definitely takes the troll king in a more canine direction and nudges him towards a gruesome werewolf aesthetic. The skin color scheme is quite muted, mostly grays, but with bright orange highlights on his bat and mane.

Fright Night Trundle will cost players 1350 RP.

The Fright Night Trundle was added to the public beta environment on Thursday, September 8, increasing the likelihood of hitting live servers with patch 12.18 on Wednesday, September 21, 2022.

The safest way to get a Fright Night Trundle is to purchase the costume from the League of Legends Client Item Shop. It can also be unlocked in different ways in the Loot tab.

Source : dbl tap

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