Briefly: return to Cyberpunk 2077

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Good morning. Refunds for Broken Promises in Cyberpunk 2077. Assassin’s Creed Mirage Mirage Collector’s Edition. Update for the Weird West. The Decima engine is being used by another studio. Speculation on Half Life: Citadel. And other messages.

– Owners limited edition Xbox One X themed console Cyberpunk 2077 part of the money will be returned as compensation for the failure to fulfill the promise. CD Projekt RED will not provide them with the first story expansion of the game when they canceled support for older generation consoles. The cost of the expansion will be reimbursed to those affected in the form of Microsoft Store credits.

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Game Variations left by Jason Blundell. The former head of Call of Duty and co-head of Treyarch co-founded Deviation Games with Dave Anthony. Now the team is preparing an exclusive project for Game console. The new brand is likely to be a shooter, with other former Call of Duty creators working at the studio, including designer Tony Flame. Rumor has it that this is one of 10 games that Sony plans to release within four years.

So this is the collector’s edition. Assassin’s Creed Mirage. Includes Basim protagonist figure (32cm), Prince of Persia themed cover, selected soundtrack, unique steel book, copy of Basim’s brooch, Baghdad map and bonus content. It’s available for pre-order on the Ubisoft Store for €150 (CZK 3,700).

– Patch 1.04 pro will be released on September 13th Weird West. It adds permanent death to the surreal Wild West via Nimpossible mode. Manual saving in it will be impossible. Instead, the game will automatically save your progress and you will only be able to play and reload from that single dedicated slot. The nymph heads you find during your travels will allow you to respawn, but once they run out, death will become permanent and your saved position will be automatically deleted.

– Studio Coalition donates 1% of net income from all Gears of War games and merchandise to organizations that suicide prevention and combating loneliness through mental health promotion. This is a multi-year commitment.

– It will take place on Wednesday, shortly before the start of Tokyo Game Show 2022. Fall Presentation [email protected]. The independent developer program boasts demos of Eville, Metal: Hellsinger, You Suck at Parking, Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed, and more. The stream will take place at 18:30 ET, with the main show starting at 19:00 and running for approximately 90 minutes.

– AT Sony Bend Studio in the development of a new brand that will have an open world and possibly multiplayer, they use Desim engine from Guerrilla Games. Days Gone was created on Unreal Engine 4. Decima supports Horizon Forbidden West and Death Stranding.

– Sega gives us the opportunity to listen to the soundtrack for the game I’m Here. Sound boundaries. It was sung by Merry Kirk-Holmes of To Octavia.

– After a long time, we have speculation about the as yet unconfirmed sequel to Half-Life: Alyx. Half-life: Citadel could be a co-op hybrid shooter and real-time strategy game that would include vehicle customization, a HEV suit, and alien creatures similar to the Houndai dogs from the original Half-Life. The information comes from Dota 2 data analysis. YouTuber and enthusiast Tyler McVicker points out that the details of the car may be related to another Valve project. Developer Greg Coomer recently revealed that the company is developing a variety of games.

Platoon 3 he has problems. The multiplayer ink shooter is infested with cheaters and the game suffers from a black screen at startup. Nintendo is working on a fix. In the meantime, Splatoon 3 recommends launching in Airplane Mode, logging in to Splatsville, enabling connections, and entering the lobby.

– WRKS Games announced Rise of the Shinobi, a side-scrolling stealth action game powered by Unreal Engine 5 and set in a Japanese world inspired by Katana-Ra. The game will release on February 14, 2023 on PC, followed by PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Switch, and mobile devices. You will play as a snowman who must solve a mysterious murder and uncover the culprit of the terrible murder of a noble heiress. While wallpaper:

Source :Indian TV

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