Ubisoft has launched a five-year plan to improve diversity across its studios.

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Ubisoft has had problems managing corporate culture for a long time. However, in large companies there are no significant exceptions in this regard, because in a corporation it often happens that the focus is on production, forgetting about the human approach and overall control over the work of the team, which then results in various violations. The French giant decided to face the problems head on and launched the Rise project, which aims to improve the working environment as well as diversity in the studios he is in charge of.

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VP of Global Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility Raashi Sikka describes his company’s efforts as follows: “We know there is room for growth when it comes to representing racial, ethnic and cultural diversity both at Ubisoft and across the gaming industry. . With this in mind, we have developed a multi-year strategy called Project Rise to ensure that Ubisoft better reflects the diversity of our players, with a focus on racial, ethnic and cultural diversity.” The company knows that different people perceive life and working conditions differently. According to her, everyone faces different opportunities and obstacles that need special attention. You can read the full interview with this prominent Ubisoft character on the official blog.

Source :Indian TV

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