Fright Night Renata Glasc Skin Splash Art, Price, Release Date, How To Get

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The Fright Night Renata Glasc skin was announced by Riot Games on September 8 as one of six new skins coming to League of Legends.

Horror Night resembles this year’s Halloween-themed sale with spooky and spooky designs for Renata Glaske, Nautilus, Urgoth, Draven, and En. Renata Glaske’s new skin is featured alongside Nautilus as the only champion to release a teaser image.

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Here’s everything you need to know about Fright Night Renata Glasc.

Riot Games’ photo

Fright Night Renata Glasc is featured in a promotional image released alongside Nautilus. However, it is likely to spawn after being streamed on live servers, especially when loaded into games. Renata Glask has a black and gray theme with her new outfit, with an additional green/teal look for the sleeve.

The Fright Night Renata Glasc skin is set to cost 1,350 RP when it hits the live servers.

Fright Night Renata Glasc, along with the rest of her Fright Night skins, is set to arrive in League of Legends Patch 12.18 on September 21.

When Fright Night Renata Glasc hits the live servers, players will be able to purchase her from the store for RP. Additionally, players can try their luck in various ways in the Loot tab, such as Hextech Chests, Skin Orbs, Caps, and more. However, these methods are not guaranteed, so keep that in mind if you really want new skin.

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