3 teams for the LEC title, can Fnatic do it?

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Photo: LoL Esports

Although there are already many eyes worlds League of Legends, there is still a championship to be won LEC ! After a very long episode of Covid-19, we head to Malmö for the finals, finally getting back to the physical. After a tough battle and a well-developed dynamic throughout the segment, 3 teams will show up to claim victory: G2, fnatic and Snape.

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The 3 builds have arguments, but who is the favorite of this last sprint? logic says G2 And the power of storytelling demands it fnatic. But you don’t need to bury it either Snape too fast…

G2: A logical victory?

65% chance of winning

Considering Samurai qualified for the Grand Finals, G2 are actually the team closest to the trophy. After their win in the spring, they need a Bo5 win to reclaim their European throne once again. For the moment, all the lights are green and the players display unshakable confidence. It must be said that the playoffs have so far dominated from start to finish: 3-1 against unhealthy And especially against 3-0 Snape. Several players shone individually. We could talk for hours about the exceptional level of targams, but we should also talk about the case of caps. After moments of wandering and self-doubt, we’ve found a top-notch player who can truly work wonders. He’s the #1 threat in G2 and if he’s having a good day, it’s hard to see who can stop him.

G2 has no downsides, especially since it doesn’t scare Rogue players at all. The only minor issue we may encounter is that G2 hasn’t crossed swords with teams so far. fnaticBut above all Excel Esports, which is said to have a special attack level. So be careful, don’t sell the bear skin before killing it. And if there is a new clash between Fnatic and G2, everyone knows that such a rivalry can escalate quickly. chaos everything.

Fnatic: An incredible comeback?

25% chance of winning

League of Legends

During this summer split, fnatic Many emotions passed. For a long time the players got into trouble, and the team was criticized in the networks. Qualification for the playoffs became difficult and several members of the roster were completely unrecognizable… humanoid Chained unspecified matches and more I’m sad It couldn’t affect the division. But for the past few weeks, the team’s supporters have been smiling again. The 3-0 Super Week started well for the team with 3 wins in Bo5 against Excel (3-2), Misfits (3-0) and MAD Lions (3-1). The momentum is back, the actors are more motivated than ever, and the audience is panicking again. History would be great for this team that hasn’t won a trophy since 2018… an eternity in esports.

At least now you should ask yourself and consider how realistic the chances of Fnatic going all the way are. A “semi-final” victory against Rogue was expected and a player like Niski who faced both teams had no doubts about the outcome of the match. But we will still have to be a little careful… In the spring, the two have already crossed swords and Rogue took a huge blow (3-2) after a counter-attack. More than that Hillisang And people are in a good dynamic, we must not forget that. G2 Boxing is in a different category right now. First of all, Fnatic has multiplied the confrontations, and its style of play is more than identifiable: play in its bottom lane and navigate the flashes of light of Razork. The samurai knew this very well and had time to develop a system. Violation Prevention Plan.

Snape: A surprise that might matter

10% chance of winning

League of Legends

ten% It’s hard, but we seem quite attached to the expectations of society. Few people see Rogue winning against Fnatic, it must be said that the two teams have opposing dynamics which clearly tip the balance in one direction. But it looks even more unstable against G2… It must be said that Samouraï gave the score of 3-0 to one of his favorite victims. The build will need not one but two feats to lift the first European Cup!

There’s also the clutch factor, which hasn’t always worked for the Rogue in the past. Roster players are known to be solid like Odoamne or Larsen. But the past is not particularly reassuring when it comes to boasting at important times. The only good thing about this underdog position is that there is no pressure. Rogue comes with a mask and can surprise his world. But on our side, we do not believe in it. If we compare all the roles, we don’t see a single player superior to Fnatic players at the moment. Even if League of Legends remains a team game, the ninjas start from afar.

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