LoL: The Day Riot Games Interviewed Science’s Most Forgotten Champion

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League of Legends hasn’t always been information-heavy, with stories as rich as the artwork and true narrative setting. A few short champion stories, a tough backstory – players didn’t have much to sink their teeth into for the first few hours of play. But things changed a lot because Riot Games has put their hearts into it by connecting various characters through interactions or, more generally, through their diverse and varied relationships.. Each new champion today has a real narrative framework that is placed at the center of a larger story than his personal story, while emphasizing his objectives, his motivations and his orientation.

On the other hand, there is a champion in this area that seems deeply overlooked. Apart from an obscure biography, not much is known about him. It is more true that he does not communicate with anyone and has no relationship. In other words, it’s Aliens, which morphed into League of Legends as a great loner.

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What’s new? Shaco, the Gener of Darkness, has been one of the Rift’s most enigmatic champions since his release in October 2009.

minimal connection

Accustomed to stacks of paragraphs describing the origins of recent champions joining the Rift, We’re keeping our eyes peeled for Jester of Darkness’ incomplete 202-word biography. – He is such a pathetic figure that it is difficult to understand who he is. However, there are worse Twitch bios, which only contain 66 pathetic words. But since then, there has been a crucial difference between the two champions. The Zaun Mouse, on the other hand, has a different story from its time.

League of Legends

The concept of Shako’s story is that she doesn’t really have a story. The biography is extremely evasive, avoiding specifics like the plague, and leaving the door open to an insane amount of theory.

For more than 10 years, it is difficult to remember all the details, However, his story and biography seem to have changed several times since the game was released. It can still be understood that he was made as a toy for a prince who felt lonely long ago, Shako is now a magic doll fueled by murder and mayhem. Corrupted by black magic and losing her duty of holiness, the once gentle doll now only enjoys the suffering of the souls she tormented.

But we can learn a little more in our interview with the developer…

exclusive interview

Riot’s interview with Shaco appeared in Forgotten Justice Magazine Volume 1, Issue a newspaper-style publication that Riot has owned for over 10 years. The goal was to tell stories that complement the biographies and individual histories of each character in the game, expand knowledge, and draw players into the historical side of LoL.

Thank you for agreeing to this interview with Shako. It’s an honor.

[Il s’assoit tranquillement. Il sourit. Il se nettoie les ongles avec un stiletto (un poignard à lame triangulaire très fine) à l’air aiguisé]

OK so. Let’s start with what everyone wants to know. Where do you come from ?

I am not of this world. Your summoners summoned me from the Shadow World, which is like your child’s birthday party in Runeterra. Isn’t this one of those stories? Or maybe I’m just a goofy assassin wandering Runeterra, playing deadly pranks on those most sure to fall. This is another interesting story about my origin.

[Shaco grave une entaille dans la table en bois avec son stiletto].

There are those who believe that you are the manifestation of humanity’s darkest desires. In today’s Runeterra, that’s not entirely unthinkable. What should it be called?

Do you want me to be that part of you that trembles before my dead life made you feel better? [pause] As a witch, I never reveal my secrets.

[Shaco grave une autre entaille dans la table en bois avec son stiletto.]

Can you tell us what your childhood was like?

I am still a child. with you. Can’t you see that I liked the game.

Your name is an anagram of “chaos”. deliberately?

Shako has always drawn blood under another name. Voluntary or not, it sticks, right?

[Shaco grave une troisième et une quatrième entaille dans la table en bois avec son stiletto].

There are people who see you as a role model. What do you think of this subject?

I don’t like competition.

[Une cinquième entaille est gravée.]

You seem to have developed a clientele with the ladies. How has this changed your life?

I am a contract killer. You could say I went both ways.

[Shaco grave une sixième entaille dans la table en bois avec son stiletto.]

You certainly have your own sense of humor. What’s your favorite joke right now?

What do people and books have in common? It is red where it is open.

[Shaco glousse et sculpte une septième entaille.]

Your mysterious nature is part of your attraction to many people. However, do you have a great adventure to share?

Once upon a time, there was an extravagant nobleman who lived in the city-state of Noxus. He was a miserable man, the kind of man who did any trick you could think of. However, he was a forgiving husband and father. He was someone who enjoyed a good fall, so it was clear he needed my “killing joke.” First, I took advantage of his wife’s sense of humor. He came out laughing. Then I took the eldest son for a walk. He loved it so much that he never wanted to leave. Then I gave surprise music boxes to my youngest daughter and toddler. “Popular!” Shako said, lovingly finding the way to their hearts. big himself? There is no joy for him. However, he truly understood the fall.

He tried to play with his own neck.

[Le bouffon démoniaque éclate d’un rire maniaque. Il lui faut quelques minutes pour se calmer. Ram bouge inconfortablement.]

two left [questions]. They better be good.

The legal gray areas around League of Legends have allowed you to operate and become famous openly. However, you are wanted for murder by the authorities of almost every city-state in Runeterra. How do you reconcile these two seemingly opposite lifestyles?

[Une menace grandit dans ses yeux]

I don’t like authorities and I don’t think I will like this question.

[Ram a du mal à se maintenir sur sa chaise.]

Hmm…okay…let’s move on. Last question then. A senior league official would have contacted you and seen you together several times. Can you confirm or deny this?

[Shaco regarde fixement. Il se lève lentement, le stiletto à la main.]

Why was it so serious?

The interview doesn’t really end like this, but… tragically: Ram Steed was found two blocks from where he was doing this interview. He was stabbed several times, a stiletto protruded from his chest, and there was a note on it that said “Eye in Ram Stead.” He was immediately taken to the nearest doctor. Given the severity of his injuries, he has not yet regained consciousness and may not be. Our thoughts are with him. »

One thing is clear after this short interview, Shako is a real psychopath. Riot still hasn’t developed a champion lore yet, but hopefully the studio will one day give more depth to one of Rift’s most enigmatic characters.

Source : Millenium

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