Ghost NPCs Take Revenge on Players: Glitch Brings the Dead to Life

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In huge game worlds like GTA Online, bugs and glitches are the order of the day. A particularly scary bug is now raising the dead.

New York – GTA 5 Online is full of bugs of all kinds. Now some players have discovered a nasty new bug. In Los Santos, players must now fear zombies, and only because Rockstar Games made a blunder that brought the dead back to life.

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Edition (first publication date) September 17, 2013
editors rock star games
Series Big car theft
platforms PS5, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox 360, PC
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GTA Online: a dead NPC shoots you

What exactly happened? In a video uploaded by Reddit favorite ToitNups69, you can see a dead enemy NPC lying on the ground, whose ammo decided to do the rest on its own. The athlete tries to get out of a bag with a bunch of dead NPCs in front of him. Just before completing the quest, the athlete steps on one of the dead NPCs. If it hadn’t been for the rapture, it would have been his downfall.

The dead take revenge: Just then, the dead NPC’s gun is released and shoots the athlete. The ammo still shoots better than most players as one shot was enough to kill the athlete. Worse still, it happened just before I finished that attempt. GTA Online defined the sudden murder as a suicide. It failed.

GTA Online Glitch: Could this happen to you?

Only one is not interested: Other Reddit users have reported similar incidents. I ran into the same error on a yacht with my Reddit darling alma1e. Athlete Aeokikit even described similar incidents on Reddit, but was not killed by the revived bullet.

GTA 5 Online logo and Rockstar Games logo in the GTA screenshot.
Dead Man shoots you in GTA Online – Crazy Glitch Kills Jock © Rockstar Games (Mount)

While goofing seems like a lot of fun at first, it can significantly affect the gaming experience. As with ToitNups69, the athlete you can’t goof on the job. We can only hope that this issue will be resolved in the next GTA Online update.

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