Apex Legends Williams Post: How To End The Bangalore Story

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For Apex Legends Season 12: Defiance, the Bangalore storyline titled “The Williams Sendoff” started on March 30 and was fully released on April 4.

Offering free splash screens and a rare Bangalore pack as a reward, the Bangalore Chronicles event features a total of five chapters for players to complete. Here is a brief explanation on how to complete the story of Williams Sendoff Bangalore in Apex Legends.

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To access Williams Sendoff Story Tracker, use the arrow keys in the middle right of the home screen until you find the appropriate section.

For the “Hard Call” prologue, players simply press the “Start” button.

Next, players will receive the “Action Scout” challenge for the first episode, “Living With It.” To complete this, you just need to shoot Bangalore, grab a G7 scout on a pedestal in the center of the map, start the challenge, and hit 35 blue targets per minute.

In Episode 2, “Taste of Loss”, players will have a “Jackson’s Bow-out” challenge requiring 1,000 kills. Return to the Bangalore Shooting Range, grab Bocheck’s bow to the left of the base to start the challenge and try to fill the need by shooting a moving target in less than a minute.

Episode 3 is titled “Broken Hearts Breaking Hearts” and features the “Smoke Show” challenge. As Bangalore, return to the firing range and connect the P2020 base slightly to the left and forward. Then just deal 1250 damage per minute to the silence hidden in the smoke.

Finally, in Chapter 4 “Bottle Caps”, press the “Run” button, line up for the final, go to the fridge, process it, and discard the bottle cap.

Williams Sandoff will be leaving the game on April 12, so be sure to follow through on these challenges to gain your knowledge and free rewards ahead of time.

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