Apex Legends Faces Steam Review Criticism

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It’s been over 5 years since Electronic Arts’ free Apex Legends event. Despite this, the game still manages to attract a large community. In name only Steam hundreds of thousands of players are still playing. In addition, users are also showing interest in consoles. However, developers from the Respawn Entertainment studio have recently managed to significantly anger the fan base.

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It’s his fault new battle pass system. Previously, Battle Passes could be purchased with either real money or virtual currency earned through normal gameplay. The latter option will no longer be available starting with the upcoming Season 22, so if you’re interested in a Battle Pass, you’ll need to spend real money. To make matters worse, instead of the current one, there will be two Battle Passes available each season.

So to get all their contents, you’ll have to go into your wallet twice. Understandably, players don’t like these changes. The result influx of negative reviews on Steamwhich gradually lower the overall rating of the game. Thus, the game’s rating in the latest reviews column is currently 36%.

However, it is questionable whether the criticism will be enough to monetize it. review of recently announced changes. Apex Legends is available on PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch, as well as on Android and iOS mobile platforms.

Source :Indian TV

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