Fans Create New Fallout Prototype in Unreal Engine 5

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In April of this year, Amazon’s Fallout series managed to renew interest in the entire brand, which also undoubtedly gained entirely new fans thanks to the series. Bethesda took advantage of the situation to release the long-awaited next-gen update for Fallout 4. But recently, the company’s bosses, led by Todd Howard, often asked about a possible new partHowever, Bethesda’s internal studios are currently busy with additional support for Starfield and development of The Elder Scrolls VI.

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Because of this, a new Fallout release seems unlikely anytime soon, so fans of the brand should turn their attention first to various fan projects. For example, the upcoming Fallout London project, which is soon to be released on PC via the GOG store, is of considerable interest. Other interesting community initiatives include a prototype from the Milwaukee Games team, which created several locations on Unreal Engine 5.

Although it’s “just” a technological prototypeso you’ll find elements typical of the series, led by the Vault or the Pip-Boy. It’s the technical underpinnings of the old Creation engine and the outdated graphics that come with it that often become the subject of criticism in Bethesda games, including the latest Starfield. However, it’s questionable whether Unreal Engine 5 will be the right choice for the Fallout series in the future.

Source : Zing

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