In five years the full version of Satisfactory – INDIAN will be released.

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More than five years later, the case is coming to a successful conclusion. SatisfactorilyThe developers are ready to release the full version and continue working on improving and enriching this first-person action game in which you build a factory, explore the world and fight.

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Satisfactory will leave early access on September 10 this year. The game is available on the Epic Games Store and Steam. On this occasion, the Swedish team from the Coffee Stain studio (authors of the Goat Simulator series) remembered the main change.

The creators want to achieve equal distribution of resources. Because of this, the resources in the Northern Forest have been reduced to support the expansion. After the update, you should find the main raw materials (catherium, sulfur, and quartz) in several places. Iron, copper, limestone, and water geysers will also be more common. For some, these are minor things, but for existing players, these are important changes that they have been calling for for a long time.

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Source :Indian TV

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