Fallout: London Mod Mass Release Inevitable – INDIAN

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Developing an ambitious and extensive modification Aftermath: London is coming to a successful conclusion. Incredibly, the fans did not give up and are finishing a large mod that they have been working on for several years.

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Fallout: London will soon invite us to a new post-apocalyptic world, the action of which takes place in the heart of London. we will have fun here new story with new main and additional missions. Seven new factions will fight for the post-nuclear British capital. The story is set in 2237, and we will have to wait impatiently 15 boroughs of LondonThere will be Big Ben, the ruins of the famous London Eye or the destroyed National Gallery.

If you too can’t wait for the release of Fallout: London, then the authors have good news for you. They’re just waiting for the green light from GOG.. Once the Fallout 4 mod passes quality control, it will be released. It will not be available on the popular Nexus portal due to its size. It will be around 35 GB.

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Source :Indian TV

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