Get your pies and donuts ready, we’re going on a demon hunt in The Miracle Worker – INDIAN

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Victor Shulsky is a miracle worker. The demon chose him as its master in childhood or thereabouts. Welcoming Ghoulwho was attracted by his pride. But this was not enough for Victor, and he wanted more people to greet him. However, this almost drove him crazy. Only one person could help him – a mysterious healer and conqueror of women’s hearts. Rasputin. And Victor went with him. After the sudden death of his father, he returns to Warsaw. However, here they will be met with the unrest and anger of the Polish people. Their country is occupied by three countries. The streets are full of Russian soldiers, and there are often battles that Victor cannot easily avoid. Therefore, this will be the main goal black grimoire of the fatherwhich could reveal the circumstances of his death.

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For those slower, Victor is the main character to watch in this movie. mostly story driven RPG You will play Fortunately, he is not alone in his task. So I gradually got to know his family, childhood friend and new potential allies. This is where history excels. I had the opportunity to get to know all the characters quite well and build a connection with them. The dialogue options carried their weight. My answers were remembered by the characters, which affected their further behavior and the events of the story. I could easily get information from them, and they even resolved some disputes for me. In other cases, they came to my aid or opposed me. Some options will only slightly change the course of history, while others I can decide the end of the game.

Sometimes, in addition to the classic dialogue options, I had access to two special types of answers. Some require the assistance of the greeter. The simplest charms peoplewhich I didn’t think was morally right. On the other hand, there are answers where this shows up Victor’s Pride. The pride level can increase, which will make it impossible to use some answers in the future. So I avoided options with this symbol, which was also not an ideal solution. After a while, I could not choose some answers precisely because Victor lacked pride. And I could only guess which line I lost. But at least I have it It was tempting to play the game again.

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