Terminator: Survivors should make you feel like you’re constantly running from danger – INDIAN

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The survival genre offers a variety of locations. After the jungle, post-apocalyptic environment or space, we will have the opportunity to try what it would be like. live in a world destroyed by Judgment Day. The developers at Milan-based studio Nacon are convinced that the Terminator world is perfect for survival and will create the impression of constant flight from danger.

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The biggest enemy in this harsh environment will be T-800which will hunt for the remains of survivors in different environments. The T-800 will perform the functions a deadly and merciless enemywhich will constantly haunt you. Like the Terminator, it haunted the heroes of the first two Terminator films.

The creators drew a lot of inspiration from them. Among other things, when creating different environments. In the new behind-the-scenes video, we can see ruins of cities, mountainous areas and deserts from the United States. In addition to stopping the threat, it will be important to expand the resistance base and establish contacts with other human factions fighting for resources and territory. Each faction has its own view of Skynet and its role in the chaotic new world.

The fight requires a more tactical approachbut everyone can resolve the situation quietly or engage in direct combat. Here, your equipment, which is related to improving the base, will also matter. There will be more chances to survive secrecy. The authors intend to agree everything with the community through preliminary access. Terminator: Survivors will appear in early access on October 24 this year. Versions for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S will appear later.

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