Payday – INDIAN Masks Return to DayZ

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Veterans DayZAnyone who tried the cult survival game after the alpha version was released in late 2013 might remember this In the post-apocalyptic Chernarus, one could once find three masks inspired by the multiplayer classic game Payday 2.. Over time, they disappeared from the game, but the developers from Bohemia Interactive clearly did not forget about the Payday series, although the current third part is still subject to considerable criticism. Moreover, in social networks they attract fresh paid DLC Boys in Blue Heist pro. Payday 3but besides that In collaboration with Starbreeze Studios, they brought back the central bank robber masks to DayZ..

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Payday Series Protagonist Masks Appear in DayZ at Launch summer events called PaydayZ 2024. Dallas, Houston and Wolf fans are in for another treat. but this time it was also about Chains’ mask. At the same time, old cosmetic items have been reworked, giving them new textures based on materials provided by the Payday 3 developers and matching the existing aesthetic of the game.

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Source :Indian TV

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